Ministry Beliefs

At Westgate our desire is not to create a culture of faithfully attended service projects … our desire is to create a culture where service becomes a lifestyle. Although we serve often as a church family, our prayer is that we will serve daily as the people of God. As a church we believe that it is important that each person in our community of faith join us in a deep commitment to pursue a lifestyle of service towards others – not to grow a church but to become more like Jesus.

We need every member to act on faith and play an integral part in serving our diverse community. Westgate is passionate about helping all members find and fulfill God's purpose for their lives, part of which is serving others. Our church is alive with vibrant ministries and service opportunities that exist to connect people to each other and to God. Get involved and help us be a part of God's vision to help people see Jesus.

We divide our ministries into three categories – Know, Grow, Go – so they are easier to remember and become involved. Click on the one you’re wanting to learn about.