Know Ministries

Our God is a relational God and He wants to have a relationship with us. This relationship is possible because of what Jesus accomplished for us on the cross. Once a person believes in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, a relationship begins and upon being baptized, the Spirit becomes an active, indwelling part of our lives.

Learning about westgate

Whether you're brand new or you've been at Westgate for a while, we encourage everyone to be a part of our assimilation process, which begins with our 101, Alpha, and 201 classes.

Westgate 101 allows you to meet the staff and elders and gain an appreciation of our history and our hope for the future. 101 consists of one Sunday morning and lunch session.

The Westgate Alpha course seeks to introduce the basics of Christian faith through a series of talks, discussions, and meals. This six-week course is geared toward the hard questions we all ask as we wrestle with our faith.

Westgate 201 introduces key concepts and our church values to help each of us follow Jesus. This class also begins the small group experience for all. 201 consists of six Sunday mornings.

Check our bulletin for the next 101, Alpha, or 201 class.