Episode 3 – Device of Torture

We can lean on God … even when struggling with our own devices of torture.

God’s presence so often provides peace and strength when we face periods of struggle, if we will only remember to rely on and trust in Him.

In Psalm 46, we are reminded that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

In the early 1800s, an English engineer created a new device intended to be used in prisons as a form of punishment for the inmates. The device forced prisoners to stress every part of their bodies, pushing their arms, legs and minds to their limits. This device is still around today, but it has made its way into more common areas. In fact, some of you may have one in your homes. What is this device of torture device created in 1817 by Sir William Cubitt? None other than the treadmill.

So the next time you face trials and struggles in your life, remember the words of the Psalm and turn your eyes to God. And just think, it could always be worse … you could be exercising.